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Four time World Champion Masters Kasan 2015

What the Romans knew more, is the same and today. Swimming is so important as reading and writing.

Swimming is one of the most favorite sports in the world. One sport, which is practiced by young and old people. There is no other sport that is so healthy and aesthetically as the swimming.

I would like to share more than 30 years experience as a top swimmer, national and club coach with all of you who want to improve your swim technique and swim results up to the top level.

Online coaching (training units, tips, video analysis) and / or through personal coaching. I am also offering training camps or 2-3 days swim clinics.

Don't hesitate tocontact me if you need any help.

Very quickly you will find out what it means to be trained by top experienced coach.

Package A

Online Training

Swimming plan: Weekly

Price: 100€

Package B

Online Training

Swimming plan: Monthly

Price: 350€

Package C

Online Training

Swimming plan: 3 moths

Price: 550€

Package D

Online Training

Swimming plan: 6 months

Price: 750€